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1 BUST Lay the measuring tape over the fullest part of teh bust, below the arms, and raise the measuring tape slightly at the back. NECK WIDTH Measure the circumference at the base of the neck, above the collar bone. 2 WAIST Measure around the narrowest part. Secure the measuring tape here. HIPS Measure horisontaly around the fullest part of your bottom/upper thights.  3 FRONT WAIST LENGHT Measure from the side base of neck, over the tip of the bust, to thelower adge of the waist tape. BUST POINT Measure as for front waist lenght, but only to the tip of the bust.

4 BACK LENGTH Measure from the first, slightly protruding, neck vertebra along the spin, to the lower adge of the waist tape. 5 UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE Measure around the fullest part of the upper arm. 6 SLEEVE LENGTH Width the arm slightly bent, measur from the schoulder point, over the albow, to the wrist.

IMRORTANT! Choose the size that comes closest to measurmantes. As a general rool, choose patterns for blouses, dresses, jackets and coats acording to your bust measurment and pants/trousersacording your hip measurment.